2015 Results

Thank you to all that supported Minnesota Poker Awards this year. Some categories were close while others were not. Below are the official winners of this years awards:

“Best Male Player” and “Most Intimidating Player” went to MSPT pro Blake Bohn. Blake ran super good all year in multiple states.

The winner of the “Best Female Player” is Heidi Roggenkamp, while her stats don’t always get to Hendon Mob due to the tours she plays she’s very well known especially in the Dakota Poker Tour. Also, this is her 2nd year winning this award.

Brian Soja and Alan Carty win the “Nice Guy Award”. That’s 3 years in a row for Soja, we were going to change the category name but since it’s a tie the category name stays as is.

The “Nice Gal Award”  went to Barb Blechinger, whose always smiling when ever you see her.

This year the  “Best Twitter” award goes to @roosterpoker, probably due to his rants or dances.

The “Most Entertaining Opponent” award goes to John Morgan. There is never a boring table when Morgan is there.

The “Best Cardroom Employee” category was super close but in the end Adam Zuehl from Running Aces won the trophy.

“Best Achievement” went to John Reading. In case you didn’t know, he had 6 2015 WSoP cashes.

Aaron Johnson won the “Rising Star” award, whose been doing great at the tables.

Huge congrats to Josh Sexton for winning the “Best Cash Game Player” award. We hope that means he won’t be a sad panda anymore.

“Best Poker Writer/Blogger” went to the one and only Chris ‘Fox’ Wallace. You know, the guy that writes a blog, does podcast and has a great book.

“Fan Favorite” goes to Peixin Liu, whose another super nice guy, chip taker, tourney crusher.

Congratulations to all our winners!