2015 Nominations

Nominations are now closed.

You play with lots of different people but it’s time to select who you think stand out in the crowd. You tell me who you think should be nominated in each of the categories and when nominations are done the committee will have an official review of the potential nominees, ballot creation & voting period.

Below are the categories and some potential nominees. If you think someone should be on this list, PLEASE register/login and post it in comments below. Goal is to have 5-10 names in each category.

REMINDER: The MN Poker Awards are for all poker players in Minnesota, they can be players in home games, bar tourneys or casinos. The goal is to recognize players though out the state, not just in certain locations.

NOTE: Make sure to review the Rules before submitting any nominations. Nominations do not mean the person will automatically be on the voting ballot as we are keeping voting down to 5-10 per category and committee agreement.

Nominations are open till 11/02/2014 @ 8 am CT

The Potential Categories and Nominees:

Best Male Player

This category is fairly self-explanatory. If you think the best male player in Minnesota in 2015 isn’t on this list, let us know who is missing.

Best Female Player

This category is fairly self-explanatory. If you think the best female player in Minnesota in 2015 isn’t on this list, let me know who is missing.

Most Intimidating Player

Who do you hate playing pots with? Who scares the crap out of you or seems to be staring right into your soul?

Nice Guy Award

If the nicest poker player in Minnesota isn’t on this list, then get me their name, because they deserve some recognition!

Nice Gal Award

If the nicest poker player in Minnesota isn’t on this list, then get me their name, because they deserve some recognition!

Best Twitter

What is your favorite poker-related twitter account that is based in the land of 10,000 lakes?

Most Entertaining Opponent

Who makes you laugh, tells great stories, and generally keeps you entertained at the tables? Are they on this list?

Poker Champion

Who is the best advocate for the game? Who has done the most for poker in Minnesota this year?

Best Cardroom Employee

Who is your favorite card room employee? Do you know someone who does a great job, works hard, and deserves recognition? I need help with this one because there are too many people I would love to put on this list.

Best Achievement

Who has the biggest achievement for 2015?

  • Blake Bohn (@bkbohn)
  • Christian Pham
  • John Morgan
  • John Reading (@KiKaMo88)
  • Pexin Lui
  • Rob Wazwaz

Rising Star

Who is the rising star?

Best cash game player

Who is the best cash game player?

Best Poker Writer/Blogger

This is a new category for 2015. Who’s blog or books do you think are the best and can’t wait to read their next post? Need a refresher on the writers lasts posts? Take a look at our MN Poker Bloggers page

Reminder: Comment below on if there’s anyone missing in any of the topics so they can be reviewed by the committee. The committee will review the final list of nominations to determine which nominees make the voting ballot.

23 thoughts on “2015 Nominations

  1. Best tournament player could potentially be a category? If so, I nominate for that category: Vlad (not sure his last name) @vladrev123, Joel Doering @BluffWhisperer, Ben Marsh @st3v3Harv3y.

    Also please tack these on to Male Poker Player of the Year.

    Please add Preston Kesselring @Preston_K41 to the employee category

    1. Thank you for submitting the nominations. At this time I’m not sure if we’ll add “Best Tournament Player” but will send to committee for approval to determine if it will be on the ballot or not.

      In the meantime I did add all the names you listed as potential nominees in the categories noted.

  2. Please add @choppervail (Chopper Vail, Cbury) to casino employees. Add @alancpoker (Alan Carty) to nice guy list. And add @donkeypunchpkr to best Twitter account. By far the best of the best, along with its top tier lineup of pros…… (This part may be tounge in cheek)

    1. Thank you for submitting the nominations. All have been added to the potential nominees. For Donkey Punch, I wasn’t sure since it’s got that crazy Todd guy on it 🙂

    1. When I talked to him during the FPC just a couple of weeks ago he stated he still lives in MN but has a place in Vegas, which is the same setup he had last year.

      1. Great! That means that Jordan Handrich can be nominated this year too since she lives in Minnesota, and just has a place in Vegas. Her permanent address and mailing address is Minnesota. So I nominate Jordan Handrich to best female and cash player. Same with Bridgette Field (female and cash player).

  3. I have a few additions to the lists:

    Cardroom Employees:
    Nicole Dubay (RA Server)
    Jordan Watson (RA Dealer/Floor Person…my vote for most improved)
    Danielle Schuna (RA Board)
    Chris Lucas (RA Tournament Director/Dealer)

    Most Entertaining Player:
    Amir Tavernae (A.T.)

    Nice Gal Award:
    go ahead and add Shari Williams here too…

  4. After reading comments, do they have to be a resident of MN? Because Andy Beversdorf is not. He lives in WI. Also, I would like to add Emily Snow to best female player and nice gal. 🙂

    1. Yes, the nominees have to be a resident of MN. I didn’t realize that Andy wasn’t a resident. Will update to remove him. I did add Emily as a potential nominee.

  5. Instead of updating the page every 10 minutes the names from the comments after the nomination period is over will be pulled so the committee can review to determine who all ends up on the final ballot.

      1. I’ll tell you, every time I’ve been at a gay wedding there was a table of Omaha players near the back. They’re just attracted to anything double-suited!

  6. Thank you everyone that submitted potential nominees. The committee will review the list and determine which nominees make the final ballot. Stay tuned as voting is planned to start on 11/9/2015.

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